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Early Voting: June 3rd-11th

Runoff Election Day: June 15th

Maria Morales
Former Candidate for
Pasadena City Council District E

Pasadena District E

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Meet Jonathan

My name is Jonathan Estrada. I was born and raised in Pasadena by my parents and grandparents who still live in the neighborhood and I’m proud to call this city my home. I am running for Pasadena City Council District E to serve as an advocate for our community because I believe that investing in the district will bring value to our neighborhoods. Growing up, I attended Sparks Elementary School, San Jacinto Intermediate, and Sam Rayburn High School and later attended San Jacinto College before transferring to the University of Houston-Downtown to pursue Political Science and Government. I am currently studying Public Service Leadership at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. I recently bought my first home in the district to stay in the community that I know and love. 


I currently serve as Precinct Chair 404 and am a member of the Pasadena Historical Society. I have worked as a Regulatory Compliance Coordinator for the City of Houston for the past 6 years. Previously, I worked for Harris County in various departments from the tax office to the district clerk’s office and for the Galveston County Tax Office.


District E deserves a council member who represents our community with deep passion and understanding. My experiences demonstrate my drive to improve and advocate for our city and I am ready to serve on the City of Pasadena City Council.



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We need to invest in our streets and sidewalks, which have not been updated in decades and are in poor condition. Everyone deserves safe accessible and walkable sidewalks, and that is why I am committed to delivering projects to the district. I will identify the areas that are most in need and work with Public Works on sidewalk programs that improve accessibility for people with disabilities and street programs that will revitalize our district.

Police Cars


We must ensure that safety is a top priority in District E so that all residents feel safe. As your councilmember, I will collaborate with the Pasadena Police Department to assign more patrol officers to District E and have a higher presence in our neighborhoods. I will work closely with the Police Chief to find innovative ways to reduce crime and increase safety in the district as well as host police-community and coffee meetings in the district to talk about current issues.

Curbside Recycling

We must expand our recycling services to ease the process. Since 2013 when Pasadena’s recycling program began, District E has not been a part of the Waste Management recycling pick up. Having one drop-off site in the district is simply not enough and we must do more. I will work closely with the Sanitation Department to implement curbside pick-up and continue to find ways to increase recycling in the district. I will host a community recycling drop-off day on Saturdays. Recycling is good for the environment and as your next council member, I will lead the way on this issue.


Sewage and Drainage

Our sewage and drainage must be improved to withstand all storms. These systems were built in the 1950s and 60s and are struggling to hold up. Working as a Regulatory Compliance Coordinator for the City of Houston has given me an understanding that the need to update these systems is so vital. This will be one of my top priorities to improve on in the district because if we do not address this issue now, our infrastructure will crumble. I will work to identify areas in the district that are in most need, streets that are narrow and flood quickly when it rains. A strong infrastructure will attract new homeowners and businesses to move into the district.

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